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Servo Driven Mechanical Feed Type to 2 HP (1.6 kW)

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Product Image - SSV5

Selffeeder™ Varimec SSV5 Drilling Units

Selfeeder Varimec SSV5 is a high-power mechanical feed drilling unit, with spindle motor output 1.6 kW and thrust 7,760N. Its structure is highly rigid, and high-precision. Its allows a maxium DIA. 18 mm for drilling, through steel products facing and end milling machining.

With a 11.81" stroke length, the SSV5 Varimec is available as a low-speed, high-torque model and as a high-speed drilling unit. Extreme rigidity of the unit eliminates side-load chattering, enhancing the unit's versatility to perform end milling and facing operations.

Producyt Image - Selffeeder™ Varimec SSV4 Drilling Units

Selffeeder™ Varimec SSV4 Drilling Units

The Varimec SSV4 drill unit has a 9.84" stroke length and with it's very rigid design, it is ideally suited for a wide-range of holemaking applications in a wide variety of materials including titanium, exotic and high-nickel alloys as well as aluminum, plastics and composite materials.

Product Image - SSV3

Selffeeder™ Varimec SSV3 Drilling Units

Selffeeder Varimec SSV3 is a mechanical feedtype of electronic control drilling unit which is best for deep and small hole drilling. It permits manufacturing a flexible, lowe-cost drilling machine in combination with a XY slide unit (prepared by customers).

With a 7.87" total stroke length, the 0.5 HP Varimec SSV3 drill unit is suited for tight installations and for deep-hole drilling operations. It's very small footprint and rigidity make it ideal for many specialized drilling applications.


Selfeeder™ Varimec SSV2 Drilling Units

The smallest model of Varimec utilizes a high-performance motor(high-speed and high-power) into a small, compact sized body. It provides high performance for production of small parts and small-diameter drilling.

Product Image - Selfeeder™ Mechatric

Selfeeder™ Mechatric SSM4 Drill Series

Drilling unit having mechanical feed and electrical control capable of adjusting main spindle rotation speed and feed rate freely. Capable of supplying high-pressured coolant during drilling holes using oil hole drills.

Sucino SSM5

Selfeeder™ Varimec SSM5 Drill Series

High-precision and high-rigidity unit which uses united structure of spindle unit and slide table. It offers high-efficient deep hole drilling because of 300mm long stroke and coolant center-through system.


Selfeeder™ Mechatric MS3P Drilling Units

Most suitable unit for doing small diameter/deep hole drilling or high-precision drilling with carbide tooling. Easy unit replacement on operations originally utilizing Selfeeder "Electric" types because it uses the same "circular body style".


Selfeeder™ Mechatric MS7 Drilling Units

High-power model which has a 3.7 kW spindle motor and 7,800N thrust.
It can do facing, end-milling and 28mm diameter drilling operations into steel material.


Selfeeder™ CNC Turret Head 4TH3S Drilling Units

Compact sized turret which uses a Selfeeder "Varimec" as a drive unit. It has a tool change function so 1 machine can do 4 types of operations. Also it is useful for using by "automatic drilling machine style with tool change system".


Selfeeder™ CNC Turret Head 4TH5 Drilling Units

Designed to integrate onto space-saving and high-efficient production machines, the versatile it can combine plural kinds of process like facing, drilling, chamfering, tapping and other kinds of processing.